Security is a booming business, especially in UAE and emirates like Dubai, which are home to famous celebrities, high profile VIPs and big name corporations. The demand for bodyguards, personal security and close protection services are high in the region and if you’re looking for bodyguard or security jobs in Dubai, we can help place you.

Most new candidates ask a few questions and we can start by answering them first:

Can I easily find a bodyguard or security job in UAE or Dubai?

Bodyguard jobs in Dubai do entail some risks, but can be financially rewarding and pay well in terms of salary and other perks. However, depending on the clients’ requirements, bodyguards need to be professionally trained and experienced with high profile VIP and celebrity security.

Most people looking for security position vacancies are however not very experienced and simply being physically dominating is not enough. If you think you fit the physical bill and need training, we can help with professional security training as well.

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How much do bodyguards earn in UAE or Dubai?

Once again, the salary of bodyguards in UAE, Dubai or any other part of the world, depend on the client they are working with. Generally the more high-profile the client, the more the job pays. There are different types of security work as well and salaries or remuneration varies between them too.

Which types of bodyguard jobs can I get in UAE or Dubai?

Depending on your experience and training, your position can range from club security, event security, corporate security or home security to celebrity or VIP security and close protection. All these positions have their unique challenges and requirements and we take pride in offering clients the very best services.

What are requirements of becoming a bodyguard?

Generally it depends on the level of work you are doing, but it is preferred that all bodyguards have at least high school diplomas and the following are some of the things that can make you stand out:

Military Experience

If you’ve had military schooling and experience you will be preferred for bodyguard and protection jobs because you are likely to possess better situational analysis skills and reactionary times along with loyalty for your duty.

Formal Education

High school or college isn’t the end of education when it comes to security services. Since you will be dealing with legal issues as well, it would help if you had a degree in law or criminal justice. Firearm training is definitely a plus along with combat, first aid and self defense training.

Special Training

When you are operating at high levels and working with high profile VIPs, a lot of the work is about preventing and avoiding threats rather than protecting clients against them actively. You don’t want the client or yourself to be in a position where any threats are materialized. Instead, you need to create plans of actions to avoid threats.

This is where special training comes to use and allows you to handle legal matters and sensitive issues properly, and with plan ahead to create policies and systems to ensure that your client remains safe at all times.


As with most areas of work, security is often regulated as well and you will need a formal license to be able to operate as a bodyguard, especially if you will be required to carry weapons.

You may also need to exhibit proof of skills like fire risk management, conflict management and physical intervention with relevant certificates.

If you think you’re up for becoming a bodyguard in the UAE or Dubai or need more information, please feel free to contact us via the contact form linked below or the WhatsApp number provided.

You can contact us or WhatsApp us on +971 55 432 4361